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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2007|02:56 pm]
Star Wars:KnightsOTOR

So in my search for things KOTOR related I checked and was able to find the actual text dialog for both the games.

However I know there is this tool you can download onto your computer and use your DVD drive if you ahve it to pull the wavs from X-Box games and save them onto your computer.

For the life of me I can't find this program. I had it once but failed to save it.

Anyone know where it is?
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(no subject) [Dec. 6th, 2006|10:40 am]
Star Wars:KnightsOTOR

I know it's been a long time since I've played, but I cannot, for the life of me remember how to beat those two Terentateks in the tomb of Naga Sadow on Korriban. I've tried just jumping in. I've tried stealthily laying mines. Et cetera, et cetera. But, I just cannot seem to get past both of them. The best I've done is kill the first and get the other down maybe a third of the way. I'm baffled as to how I beat this part when I've played before...
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Way of the Jedi [May. 7th, 2006|09:19 pm]
Star Wars:KnightsOTOR

It has been thirty years since the destruction of the Jedi academy on Dantooine and the extermination of their order by the Sith. Now the Republic has asked the last two remaining Jedi Masters to start training a new order.

This is a group that will tell the stories of what happened after the events of Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2. It is over 4,000 years before the Empire. We have a galaxy to protect...or rule. The choice is yours.

The Force will be with you...always.


Way of the Jedi is a game that takes place thirty years after the events of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game. The game centers around the new jedi academy being built and the events taking place there. We are accepting new players as both Jedi, Republic Soldiers, and a host of other ideas. If you are unfamiliar with the video game, that is fine as we are forging our own storylines as well. All we ask are for dedicated writers who enjoy writing with others and telling a good story.

Our posting requirements are fair. We only ask that everyone posts something at least once a week, and responds to a direct tag within two days.

If you are interested check out the following links:

And if you have any questions feel free to email the mods at:


Thank you,

Jesse and Kelly
(The Mods)

(If it is not okay to post this here, please feel free to delete it. Thank you)
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A community I forgot I made [Dec. 7th, 2005|09:28 pm]
Star Wars:KnightsOTOR

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[music |KMFDM - Material Girl]

Hello everybody. I mistakingly asked this question in the kotorfanmedia community like a idiot. So bare with me.

Been a bit since i walked back into this fandom, and I'm wondering is there any more Canderous/Female Revan writers floating about. I've been working on getting back into writing fan fiction for this pairing and getting back into the fandom. I've looked around for more stories with this pairing, but I haven't found much (Or not looking in the right area.)

So if anyone can point me to that direction, I'll love you forever. (and yes, I still do like the Female Revan/Carth pairing too XD I just want a change of pace)
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Join us! [Jul. 7th, 2005|02:23 am]
Star Wars:KnightsOTOR


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Greetings! [May. 17th, 2005|11:54 pm]
Star Wars:KnightsOTOR

[mood |happyhappy]

Hi everyone. I've just joined the community, but I am a long-time fan of KotOR, and will be finally devouring KotOR II once I get past my wretched exams.

For anyone who's interested, there are a few KotOR fics, and music videos, over on my website, (along with various fics/vids from other fandoms.) They feature Revan as I play the character - female, and evil.

Currently uploaded are:

Vid: First Day Of My Life
Vid: Falling
Vid: In My Life

Fic: The Hunter And The Hunted - PG, 957 words
Fic: The Four Seasons - G/PG, 400 words

EDIT: There was a problem with the vid links. This has now been fixed, and they should download properly.
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(no subject) [Apr. 19th, 2005|12:54 am]
Star Wars:KnightsOTOR

Teaser: Image hosted by

49 KOTOR ICONS - Spoiler Warning!

5 Real Actor
3 Zaalbar
4 Atton
2 Trask
1 Title
1 T3-M4
3 HK-47
5 Malak
3 Visas
2 Mira
3 Disciple
2 Jolee
1 Juhani
1 Kreia
3 Mission
1 Bao-Dur
2 Handmaiden
1 Mandalore // 1 Canderous
2 Calo Nord
3 Bastila

Follow the LINK
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GothDevilKitty Spam! [Mar. 30th, 2005|11:14 pm]
Star Wars:KnightsOTOR

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[music |Beautiful-The Dreaming]

*snickers* This is why you shouldn't buy movie soundtrack albums. Specially when the Album is so much better then the movie. -.-

Another KOTOR song?Collapse )

Reminds me of a female Darth Revan, or female Exile. O_o
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a rather stupid KOTOR adult site question [Mar. 24th, 2005|07:25 pm]
Star Wars:KnightsOTOR

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[music |My room matee playing Fallout 2]

Stupid question....Collapse )
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2 Questions [Mar. 15th, 2005|12:58 pm]
Star Wars:KnightsOTOR

[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Meiko Kaji - The Flower of Carnage]

1. Did anyone else here read AthenaPrime's "After the Fall"?
2. If you you know where those two bonus chapters are? I want to reaaaaaaaaaaaad them! *cries* If someone can tell me where I can find them, I'll love them forever! O.o I hope that isn't creepy...
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